The Coalition to Defend East Bay Forests is a grassroots group of organizations and individuals who are working together to stop the deforestation and poisoning of the East Bay hills in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

Help Stop the Deforestation and Poisoning of the East Bay Hills!

map of targeted east bay forests

Black areas:  Targeted East Bay Forests  (From FEMA EBH EIS)

UC Berkeley, the East Bay Regional Park District, the City of Oakland, EBMUD, Caltrans, and others, plan to kill over 450,000 healthy trees in the East Bay hills, some over a hundred years old, on over 2,000 acres of public lands from Point Richmond to Castro Valley.

The FEMA grants for UC and Oakland have been terminated, thanks to legal action by the Hills Conservation Network. The park district’s grant remains, and though its official focus is brush clearing, it continues to allow tree removal in that context.

Our work to defend the East Bay hills from deforestation is not done! All agencies are expected to look for other funding sources to continue to clearcut the hills. The destruction has already started, and is expected to escalate as the agencies receive funding from elsewhere, unless we stop it.


Your Measure FF Money At Work:
Dead Trees and Poison

The East Bay Regional Park District’s Measure FF (formerly CC) will be on the ballot this election (2018). Will you vote for or against it? Measure FF continues to include the destruction of trees and chemical applications for “native plant restoration” and misguided fire hazard mitigation policies that actually cause greater fire danger.

Resist the war on trees and say NO to all pesticides!



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No Clearcuts No Pesticides Defend East Bay Forests

Oakland Veg Mgmt Plan – Draft Environmental Impact Report:
Final Comments DUE FRIDAY, JANUARY 22, 2021 – 5pm! [EXTENDED]
Read Draft EIR HERE
Send comments opposing removal of trees and pesticide use where currently prohibited to or to Horizon Water and Environment, LLC, Attn: Ken Schwarz, Principal, VMP DEIR Comments, 266 Grand Ave, Suite 210, Oakland, CA 94610

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