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Save the East Bay Hills gives a good overview of the issues, as well as resources for contacting the responsible agencies.

Death of a Million Trees keeps track of the environmental science relevant to the East Bay hills ecology.

East Bay Pesticide Alert has toxicological information about the pesticides being used in the hills, and documents some of the history of this struggle back to 2005.

Hills Conservation Network has more historical documentation, and has been taking legal action against the responsible agencies.

TreeSpirit Project features the photographic art and civil disobedience of Jack Gescheidt, as well as scientific documentation challenging ‘Invasion Biology’.

Bay Area Progressive Directory features Ken Cheetham’s photography from inside the threatened forests, and key arguments against the projects with scientific citations.

The Next Major Fire in the East Bay Hills by Dave Maloney provides a perspective of the fire danger that will be caused by the projects by a retired Oakland firefighter, former Chief of Fire Prevention at the U.S. Army Base in Oakland, and member of the Oakland-Berkeley Mayor’s Firestorm Task Force.

East Bay Forests: Invasive Fire Hazards or Natural Treasures? features conservation biologist David Theodoropoulos, author of Invasion Biology: Critique of a Pseudoscience, Dave Maloney’s fire demonstration, Ken Cheetham’s photography, and others at a public forum in Berkeley, July 2015:

Official Documents:

Oakland Vegetation Management Plan and Environmental Impact Report CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS – Sign up for updates and public hearings at link!

Oakland Veg Mgmt Plan Revised Draft, November 2019

Oakland Veg Mgmt Plan Draft, May 2018

Oakland Veg Mgmt Plan – Scope of Work, October 19, 2016

Oakland Veg Mgmt Plan – Contract with Horizon, November 1, 2016

Video of Oakland Veg Mgmt Plan Stakeholder Briefings March 29 and 30, 2017

Video of Oakland Veg Mgmt Plan Public Meeting June 29, 2017

Video of Oakland Veg Mgmt Plan Public Meeting May 23, 2018

Video of Oakland Veg Mgmt Plan Scoping Session November 20, 2019

East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) East Bay Hills Wildfire Hazard Reduction, Resource Management Plan and Environmental Impact Report

Measure FF 2018 according to the EBRPD – FORMERLY MEASURE CC

Measure FF – 2018 Voter Handbook Statement in Opposition by the Forest Action Brigade

Measure FF – 2018 Voter Handbook Rebuttal to Arguments in Favor by Peter Gray Scott, architect, Jean Stewart, botanist and former pesticide researcher, Maxina Ventura, East Bay Pesticide Alert, and Mary McAllister, webmaster of Million Trees blog

Measure FF – 2018 Green Party Alameda County Recommends No, with Reservations

Measure CC 2004, original ballot analysis and arguments

UC Berkeley Fire Fuel Management Program, including the Hills Campus Addendum to the 2020 Long Range Development Plan Environmental Impact Report, that was successfully met with legal challenges, and is currently on hold CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS

UC Berkeley Novemer Notice of Preparation of Hills Campus Wildland Vegetative Fuel Management Environmental Impact Report, November 2019

UC Berkeley 2020 Long Range Development Plan Environmental Impact Report

FEMA East Bay Hills Hazardous Fire Risk Reduction Final Environmental Impact Statement

East Bay Municipal Utility District Watershed Master Plan

Oakland-Berkeley Mayors’ Firestorm Task Force, also known as the 1991-1992 Emergency Preparedness and Community Restoration Task Force

No Clearcuts No Pesticides Defend East Bay Forests

Oakland Veg Mgmt Plan – Draft Environmental Impact Report:
Final Comments DUE FRIDAY, JANUARY 22, 2021 – 5pm! [EXTENDED]
Read Draft EIR HERE
Send comments opposing removal of trees and pesticide use where currently prohibited to or to Horizon Water and Environment, LLC, Attn: Ken Schwarz, Principal, VMP DEIR Comments, 266 Grand Ave, Suite 210, Oakland, CA 94610

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